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Adobe TV launches new web site

Adobe has launched a new version of its video
channel, Adobe TV (, a web
site offering free expert video training across
Adobe product lines.

Designed in response to customer feedback, the
site offers users new ways to experience and
access Adobe TV episodes through streamlined
navigation, search options, customization
features and interactive capabilities.

Produced and delivered using Adobe products and
technologies, Adobe TV is the first web site to
deploy a video player built with the Open Source
Media Framework. Announced in April, the
framework offers production-ready components to
streamline the development process, reducing the
time content publishers spend creating playback
technologies, according to the folks at Adobe.
Adobe TV is also developed with ColdFusion 9, a
technology for building dynamic web sites and
Internet applications.

Adobe TV now offers new additions such as a
resizable pop-out window that allows users to
view content while simultaneously working within
their Adobe applications. A new homepage provides
quick access to relevant episodes, with the
ability to sort by most popular, most viewed,
highest rated and recently added. And users can
download the Adobe Media Player to view and save
content offline, and receive new programming as
soon as it is released.

Adobe TV users who register with a free Adobe ID can:

° Interact with show hosts by asking questions in the comments section;

° Create playlists and add them to a personal episode library;

° Customize their homepage by adding or removing content feeds;

° Comment on and rate videos.

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