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REAL Software Announces REAL World Regional Events

REAL Software, creator of REALbasic, a cross-platform software
development tool for Mac, Windows and Linux, today announced the REAL
World Regional Events, two one-day events that will take place in
November 3rd in Atlanta and November 5th in Chicago. REAL Software is
also looking for speakers to present sessions on various topics at
these events.

The REAL World Regional Events are the definitive events for anyone
who wants to get the most out of REALbasic, REAL Studio and REAL
Server. This conference will give users the opportunity to hear from
other REALbasic, REAL Studio and REAL Server users and experts on how
to improve their knowledge and skills as a developer. These events
will feature a keynote presentation from Geoff Perlman, REAL
Software’s Founder and CEO that will cover upcoming features, like
Reporting and Cocoa, along with REAL Software’s strategic direction.

REAL Software offers speakers a free pass to the conference. Those
interested in presenting REALbasic, REAL Server and software
development-related sessions are welcome to submit their proposal
with their preferred session topic(s) and a brief description, along
with their name and contact information to

The deadline for applying to speak is September 15, 2009. There are a
limited number of speaking opportunities available.

Registration for the REAL World Regional Events will open soon.
Conference pricing has been set at $250, with an early registration
price of $200 through October 20, 2009. Attendance is limited to 50
attendees, so attendees are encouraged to register early to guarantee
a spot.

For updates regarding the REAL World Regional Events, including
sessions and speakers,
visit for the
event in Atlanta and for the event
in Chicago.

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