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SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 5 plug-in now supports Final Cut Pro 7

SmartSound Software says its Sonicfire Pro 5 plug-in now supports
Apple Final Cut Pro 7, which was released last month. The plug-in
allows Final Cut Pro users to add complete customized soundtracks to
their Final Cut Pro projects in a few steps.

Using SmartSound’s Sonicfire Pro 5 plug-in, users are able to import
the markers and in/out points from a Final Cut Pro video sequence.
Any track and arrangement selected from the entire SmartSound music
library will already be timed to fit within any markers on the
sequence. In addition to fitting the track to length, users can take
advantage of Sonicfire Pro 5’s features such as Timing Control and
Mood Mapping, which allow users to adjust the timing of specific
beats and control individual instrument volume levels, instantly
mapped to their video.

After customizing music to match their visuals, users can then click
“Send To” and their music track will be added directly into their
Final Cut project. Later, if users need to make changes to their
music, they can choose a track on their Final Cut Pro timeline and
use the “Open in Editor” command for full roundtrip editing.

SmartSound’s Sonicfire Pro 5 and Final Cut Pro plug-in can be
purchased together for US249.85 at Current
Sonicfire Pro 5 users may add the plug-in for as low as $49.95. For a
limited time, as an extra bonus, each plug-in purchase will include a
SmartSound exclusive multi-layer music album, “A New Era” ($99.95
value) free of charge.

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