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Nova media introduces compact WLAN router with 3G modem connector

Nova media has introduced GlobeSurfer X.1
(, a very small
WLAN b/g/n router which can connect to a 3G usb modem to share a
mobile Internet access with a local network. The Router uses a
webinterface for configuration and offers a quick setup wizard to
setup a local network in no time.

“For a truly mobile solution, a 3G usb modem can be connected to the
X.1 to establish and share a mobile Internet connection. A mobile
office or a LAN party can thus be established in a matter of
minutes.”, states Jan Fuellemann, PR spokesperson at nova media.
“GlobeSurfer X.1 supports all relevant encryptions and features a
preconfigured firewall. An expert mode allows a user-defined
configuration. The X.1 is compact and stylish with a small footprint
of only 100 mm x 100 mm x 25 mm.”

GlobeSurfer X.1 offers two 100 Mbps Ethernet ports to e.g. connect a
DSL modem, switches and/or other computers. If a DSL modem is
connected to the router, it supports DLS failover. In case of a DSL
breakdown, the router will automatically switch to a 3G connection
and back once the original connection is available again.

A built-in USB 2.0 port supports an external drive or printer which
can then be accessed by all computers in the local network.

GlobeSurfer X.1 is available today from nova media for Euro 129.71
including VAT. It supports Mac OS X 10.3.9 and higher as well as
Windows 2000, XP, Vista.

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