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TextExpander touch released for the iPhone

SmileOnMyMac has released TextExpander touch, the iPhone/iPod touch
version of the customizable typing shortcut tool. It’s available for
US$1.99 at the Apple App Store; after that it will cost $4.99.

With TextExpander touch, iPhone users can enter frequently-used text
using short abbreviations. Once notes are composed using TextExpander
shortcuts, they can be sent directly to Mail and Twitter clients.
They can also be used in other iPhone apps via copy and paste. Each
snippet has its own action menu as well; snippet contents can be sent
directly to Mail and Twitter clients or copied to the Clipboard with
a couple of taps.

Users who have TextExpander on the Mac can share snippet groups with
their iPhone via a local network. Both the Mac and the iPhone must be
on the same WiFi network. Snippet groups can also be shared between

Because of the limitations of the iPhone OS, TextExpander touch
doesn’t work in the background, as it does on the Mac. Notes must
first be composed in TextExpander touch and then transferred to
another application.

SmileOnMyMac has also released the TextExpander touch Software
Development Kit (SDK), which allows other iPhone developers to
integrate TextExpander functionality into their applications. The SDK
consists of a free TextExpander engine library and sample code.
Details are found at

To promote TextExpander touch SmileOnMyMac is offering a limited-time
50 percent discount on TextExpander. Regularly $29.95, TextExpander
is available at the special price of $14.98 until Sept. 9. The
discount is available at

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