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TIC Interests announces Nutty News for the iPhone

TIC Interests has released Nutty News for iPhone. It’s available at
the Apple App Store for US$0.99. With the new iPhone application
readers will be able to read all of the bizarre and wacky news on
their iPhone wherever they are.

Nutty News for iPhone is updated all day everyday with weird news
stories from all over the world. When someone goes to Nutty News for
iPhone, they will see all of the recent news story titles listed and
a picture relating to the news story. If they’re interested in a
particular story, they can click on it and the news story will
appear. Each news story contains a link for the reader to be able to
read the full news article, if they wish. Readers then are able to
use the “Back” button to go back to the list of news stories to
choose another story to read.

The iPhone Nutty News is taken from TIC Interests, L.P.’s online
publication, “Nutty News Today” ( As
soon as a new news story is added to, it is also
added to Nutty News for iPhone.

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