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Blackmagic Design releases three new mini converters

Blackmagic Design ( has released
three new mini converters: Mini Converter SDI to Audio, Mini
Converter Audio to SDI, and Mini Converter Optical Fiber.

Mini Converter SDI to Audio de-embeds audio from the SDI input out to
either four channels of balanced analog audio or eight channels of
AES/EBU digital audio. Audio can be switched between analog and
digital audio. SDI input video features a loop-thru output for
connection to other SDI devices.

Mini Converter Audio to SDI allows embedding of audio into SDI video
connections. SDI loops though, and four channels of balanced analog
audio or eight channels of AES/EBU digital audio can be embedded. Any
audio channel can be selected, and enabled or disabled. Full sample
rate converters are included on each AES/EBU audio input.

Both converters feature redundant SDI connections meaning that if one
SDI connection is interrupted, the redundant connection activates
immediately. Loop through SDI allows video daisy chaining with
multiple devices for additional audio channels.

Mini Converter Optical Fiber converts bi-directionally between SDI
and Optical Fiber cable. It auto switches between SD, HD and 3 Gb/s
SDI. According to the folks at Blackmagic Design, optical fiber
provides numerous advantages with its low cost, its ability to be
installed by electricians, and its extremely long cable lengths
without compromising transmission speed.

Using standard LC connectors, cable runs of 25 km (82,000 feet) can
be achieved in HD and 45 km (147,000 feet) in SD. Previously only
available to the largest broadcasters or largest facilities, the use
of optical fiber opens the possibility of longer, faster and less
expensive cabling options to smaller operations.

All new Mini Converters are now shipping and available for US$495.
The Sync Generator is available for $295.

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