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TriX Software releases TrailBlazer for the iPhone

TriX Software ( has released TrailBlazer
for the iPhone, an app for monitoring your speed, recording and
reviewing your path, and sharing your travels. It’s available for
US$4.99 at the Apple App Store.

TrailBlazer displays your current speed, recent speed trends, and
your path on a map. You can press a button to record a bush walk, a
jog, or a bike-riding expedition. You can review your previous
recordings and share them with your friends by email. You can also
wirelessly download your paths to your Mac or PC using a web browser.

When you’re done recording a path, TrailBlazer automatically creates
files that can be opened in Google Earth so you can view the path
over the landscape you travelled. TrailBlazer can also create
animated Google Earth files that display a moving marker showing
exactly where you were as time progressed.

You can even color-code your path according to speed so you’ll know
how fast you were traveling at every point along the way. What’s
more, you can access your contacts, the camera and control your music
all without interrupting your recording.

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