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NewerTech ships battery charging/conditioning stations for Apple

Newer Technology (NewerTech) has announced the NewerTech Intelligent
Battery Charging Stations for pre-June 2009 MacBook 13-inch “unibody”
and MacBook Pro 15-inch “unibody” notebook batteries. The two new
charging/conditioning models expands NewerTech’s station models for
iBook G3/G4, PowerBook G4, and all pre-unibody Macbook and MacBook
Pro notebooks.

Available immediately for US$149.95, the Intelligent Battery Charging
Station is designed for users who have one or more batteries and want
to keep their batteries in optimal charged condition. The two-bay
design enables one battery to be charged while another battery is
being conditioned and then charged.
The charging/conditioning stations have a two-year warranty. For more
information, see:

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