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Native Instruments Introduces Evolve Mutations

Native Instruments has introduced Evolve Mutations
(, a new,
US$119 instrument for movie, TV and game composers.

Developed in collaboration with sound design house Heavyocity and
powered by the Kontakt engine, this unique sonic resource includes an
arsenal of instruments, rhythms and ambiences designed to add depth
and impact to any dramatic piece of music. As the successor of
Heavyocity’s universally acclaimed “Evolve” library, Evolve Mutations
contains 275 new instruments based on 2GB of sample material.

The material is organized into four categories: “Rhythmic Suites,”
which includes percussive and tonal loops complete with individual
slices and keymapping; “Percussive Kits,” which allows the creation
of original percussive beds; “Stings & Transitions,” which supports a
composition with transitional elements; and “Tonality & FX,” which
provides a range of evocative instruments and pads.

As a Kontakt-Powered instrument, Evolve Mutations offers playback and
sound shaping functionality within the free Kontakt Player software,
including \envelope, filter and effects control. All sounds can also
be loaded into the full version of the Kontakt 3 sampler for advanced
sound editing.

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