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Fliq Bookmarks brings Safari bookmarks to the Palm Pre

Mark/Space has announced the availability of Fliq Bookmarks in the
Palm Beta App Catalog. Fliq Bookmarks lets you use Safari bookmarks
to view your favorite web sites on a Palm Pre phone — including
bookmarks in bookmark folders and the bookmarks bar.

Fliq Bookmarks works with The Missing Sync for Palm Pre to copy
bookmarks from Safari on the Mac to Palm Pre. The list of bookmarks
can be viewed in Fliq Bookmarks and opened using its built-in web

With the Missing Sync for Palm Pre you can synchronize contacts,
calendars, music, ringtones, bookmarks, photos and more between a Mac
and Palm Pre. The Missing Sync also works with applications Mac users
already know and use: iTunes, Address Book, iCal, Microsoft
Entourage, iPhoto and others.

Fliq Bookmarks is available from the Palm Beta App Catalog and is a
companion to The Missing Sync for Palm Pre. The Mac version of The
Missing Sync for Palm Pre is available as an electronic download from
the Mark/Space online store for $$39.95. You can learn more about
Fliq Bookmarks and The Missing Sync for Palm Pre at

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