Kensington announces new mobile device accessories

Kensington Computer Products Group ( has
announced six new mobile device accessories. New members of
Kensington’s “power it” and “play it” lines include a smart
nightstand charging dock for the iPhone and iPod touch that tells the
time and weather, and a charging dock for iPhone or iPod that comes
with an extra boost of backup power for on the go convenience.

Kensington also is introducing additions to its “optimize it” line
with four new soft notebook stands. Their “smart made simple” design
folds up and down.

The Kensington Charging Dock with Mini Battery Pack for iPhone and
iPod (US$69.99) is a compact dock that recharges your iPhone
(including the new iPhone 3GS) or iPod. The dock also charges the
included Mini Battery Pack so you can take an extra boost of backup
power with you on the go.

The Kensington Nightstand Charging Dock for iPhone ($39.99) allows
you to download, at no extra cost, an application that transforms
your iPhone or iPod touch into a bedside clock and weather center.

The Kensington TwoFold Notebook Stand ($19.99) raises your notebook
screen to help reduce eye and neck strain and when you’re done, folds
flat for easy storage. The Kensington TwoFold Notebook Stand and
Sleeve ($39.99) raises your notebook screen to reduce eye and neck
strain. When you’re ready to hit the road, it quickly converts into a
protective sleeve for comfort you can take with you.

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