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Zepherella plans healthcare pricing app for the iPhone

Zepherella (, the creator of “no-surprise
healthcare pricing,” has begun piloting an iPhone compatible
application to supplement the company’s web site. Both the app and
the site give physicians a quick way to inform their patients about
the cost of their medical care from inside the exam room.

“Zepherella created this enhancement so both doctor and patient alike
can have real time access to prices and discounts for specific
services,” saysTom Furr, Zepherella’s CEO. “This eliminates the
guessing game for doctors and their patients when the need for lab
tests or other services surface during an office visit.”

Zepherella is conducting a pilot release of its service in North
Carolina prior to an anticipated regional rollout later this year.
In addition, Zepherella is working on a solution for insured
patients, particularly those with high deductible health care plans,
to shop for competitively priced, high quality medical care.

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