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Adobe releases Flash Platform Media and Text Frameworks as open

Adobe has announced two new Flash Platform open source initiatives
for developers, media companies and publishers. Open Source Media
Framework (OSMF), part of the project previously code named Strobe,
enables developers to build more robust, feature-rich media players
optimized for the Adobe Flash Platform.

The Text Layout Framework (TLF) will help developers bring typography
capabilities to Web applications. Both OSMF and TLF are now freely
available as open source software.

The flexible OSMF architecture enables developers to easily create
unique playback experiences that can leverage plug-ins for
advertising, reporting metrics and content delivery along with
standard video player features such as playback controls, video
navigation, buffering and Dynamic Streaming. OSMF provides standard
functionality along with plug-ins from third parties so content
providers have the flexibility to adapt monetization strategies to
specific content and the needs of their audiences.

OSMF includes an API for partners to build plug-ins for value-add
services. OSMF will enable more innovation around media experiences
on the Web by allowing partners to easily experiment with new
services for content providers, which spans content delivery,
presentation and monetization.

OSMF source code and pluggable software components are available
immediately under the Mozilla Public License and available at

Akamai has joined Adobe to advance the industry toward a widely
adopted, cohesive standard for media players that support Adobe Flash
Platform technologies. Akamai and Adobe are collaborating on the Open
Video Player initiative, previously founded by Akamai, and the
release of OSMF technologies. The goal is to ensure a consistent
framework for media player development that enables developers,
publishers, content owners, corporations and others to more quickly
and easily build new video players that create and sustain profitable
new business models. By providing all the components for media player
development, the combined efforts will help strengthen the industry
shift towards open standards.

TLF goes beyond what is possible for Web text layout using HTML and
CSS technologies today, with support for complex languages,
bidirectional text, multi-columns and other advanced typographical
features and controls. TLF is an extensible ActionScript library
built on top of the text engine in Adobe Flash Player 10 and Adobe
AIR 1.5 software. Source code and component library for TLF are
available as open source at no charge under the Mozilla Public
License at

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