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AccountEdge returns to Canada

Small business software developer Acclivity tannounced the release of
the long-awaited Canadian version of AccountEdge, their small
business accounting solution for the Mac. The release marks the
return of AccountEdge to Canada after an eight-year absence.

“We’ve been wanting to re-introduce AccountEdge back into Canada for
a long time,” says Todd Salkovitz, product evangelist at Acclivity.
“For years, the Canadian Mac small business community has been
letting us know loud and clear that Canadians using Macs deserve
world-class software and I’m happy to finally be able to say that
we’ve made it happen.”

Acclivity acquired MYOB US and its development team from MYOB Limited
of Australia in late November 2008, and named bringing AccountEdge
back to Canada as a top priority. Acclivity brings two products to
Canada today: AccountEdge, premium small business accounting software
for Mac, and AccountEdge Network Edition, which adds multi-user
networking to AccountEdge.

The Canadian version of AccountEdge comes packed with new features.
The command centre interface has evolved with a more streamlined
design, plus the addition of the Task List, a sliding drawer for
quick access to frequently used windows and reports. Business
Insights provides trend-based information for year-over-year analysis
of profits, turnover, and operating balances.

Mac OS X support has been enhanced with Address Book Syncing, iCal
integration, MobileMe backup, improved AppleScript capability, better
reporting, and integration with Checkout and Daylite. For a full list
of the almost 10 years worth of new features available in
AccountEdge, go to

AccountEdge is priced at $399 USD and is available for download
at AccountEdge Network Edition is priced at
US$549. It includes a total of two user licenses, and is also
available for download at AccountEdge will
also be available at select retail locations.

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