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pdfToolbox updated to version 4.3

Callas Software ( has released version
4.3 of pdfToolbox, its preflight tool. The upgrade introduces a new
feature that allows users to create a single PDF from the different
layers or layer views within the PDF.

So in a multi-language print job, you can not only create and view
the various language versions, but even get a PDF for every version
with one click. pdfToolbox 4.3’s imposition engine permits you to
place dynamic text on imposed pages, making it possible to create
slug lines with job information on the imposed sheet.

In the new version Swiss PDFX- ready profiles (based on GWG version 4
specs) were included and localized for all supported languages. There
are extended overprint and knockout fix-ups for complete control of
the overprinting behavior. pdfToolbox 4.3 has updates of DeviceLink
profiles for producing more harmonized conversions, especially in
dark areas and support of the latest ICC profiles recently released
by ECI.

The pdfToolbox 4.3 update is free to licensed users of pdfToolbox 4.
For new users the cost is approximately US$708.

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