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TeamView now available in six new languages

What do computer users in the USA, Finland, Turkey, Japan and Poland
have in common? They are all able to use TeamViewer online
communication and collaboration tools in their native languages,
thanks to the new software language versions, available now.

In our increasingly global environment, the ability to connect with
people in all areas of the world is progressively more important.
From business consultants supporting international clients, to home
users accessing their own computers, the need to connect transcends
borders, cultures and countries.

Marking their commitment to both customers and clients, TeamViewer
now offers their online communication and collaboration software in
Turkish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish and Japanese. Designed
for both business and home users, the software connects quickly and
easily, providing remote support, presentation and file transfer
options that facilitate information sharing and teamwork.

“Expanding the language offering of TeamViewer software will let us
serve more customers, and let our customers serve more clients,”
shares Dr. Tilo Rossmanith, Founder and Director of TeamViewer GmbH.
“At TeamViewer, our solutions are created to provide collaborative
opportunities through online communication, and are pleased our
language offering will bring new connection possibilities,” he

Already available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese,
German, Dutch, and Danish, the new language TeamViewer users can now
connect in fourteen different languages.

Like all TeamViewer solutions, the new languages software respects
the highest security standards, including black and white lists and
AES 256 bit coding encryption. In addition, TeamViewer works behind
firewalls, maintaining computer security already in place.

Free for non-commercial use, business licenses can be purchased in a
variety of options and

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