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iPlayMusic presents Chords for iTunes

iPlayMusic, a provider of music learning and entertainment solutions,
has launched Chords for iTunes, a service that synchronizing the
chords, music and lyrics to your favorite iTunes songs and presents
them on video for playback and learning.

During its beta phase, which begins today and runs through Sept. 26,
chord videos are available for free on the Mac for popular songs from
artists including Green Day, James Taylor, Jimmy Buffet, Matchbox 20,
White Stripes and more. An expanded selection of videos will be
introduced this Fall.

Powered by patent-pending technology, the iPlayMusic software
synchronizes each video with a select song that can be slowed down or
sped up while maintaining pitch for learning at any pace. according
to iPlayMusic CEO Quincy Carroll. To ensure the legal use of all
music featured in Chords for iTunes videos, consumers must already
have purchased and stored one of the 26 songs in their iTunes library
or on their computer.

Through proprietary production techniques, videos can be added
quickly to the iPlayMusic Download Store as users request more songs.
In addition, all chord videos are optimized for mobile devices and
are portable in their visual display of animated chords and lyrics.
Export features within the software allow for viewing on Apple TV and
mobile devices such as the iPhone or iPod for use anywhere, anytime.

To access Chords for iTunes, simply install the Mac version of
iPlayMusic’s software (which can be found at, click on the Shop button and
start browsing. If a selected song isn’t already present in your
iTunes library, the iPlayMusic software will prompt you to purchase
it from the iTunes Music Store. Once the song is in place, simply
click the playback button and let the jamming begin.

In addition to chord videos, iPlayMusic offers a variety of guitar
learning and entertainment products on DVD or for download, and
features guitars and accessories for musicians of any age or skill

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