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Cooliris for Safari update integrates Cooliris 3D Wall

Cooliris ( has updated
its self-titled and Safari compatible software,
to version 1.11. The update integrates the
Cooliris 3D Wall into the browser tab.

With Cooliris, viewers can browse thousands of
images and videos in seconds. This integration is
a huge step toward what Cooliris and 3D visual
navigation can offer in the future in terms of
enhanced flexibility, functionality, and overall
user experience. For example, you can now:

° Show off any 3D Wall of content by sharing its URL with friends.

° Jump between Cooliris and other tabs and
desktop applications like your email or favorite
photo editing program

° Save 3D Wall to your browser’s bookmarks, enjoy
multiple instances of Cooliris in different tabs,
or set a 3D Wall view as your homepage, e.g.
daily news or entertainment feeds.
Cooliris has also enhanced Flickr and MySpace
support. Flickr users can now view all photos on
single wall complete with title, author,
description, and tags, and even jump among sets
and pools. Cooliris also now works on all pages
of MySpace.

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