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PremiumSoft releases Navicat Premium for managing multiple

PremiumSoft has released a new edition to its Navicat line
( of database administration tools. Navicat
Premium lets users manage different kinds of database servers within
a single application.

Supported database servers include MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL.
Navicat Premium users can transfer or migrate data between different
database types or to a plain text file with designated SL formatting
and encoding. Navicat Premium is additionally said to offer more
support in regards to creating view, table, and import/export
data, SQL queries, synchronizing databases and connecting to remote

The Mac OS X version of Navicat Premium runs on both Mac OS X 10.4
and 10.5. It supports MySQL 3.21 or above, Oracle Servers 8.1 or
above, and PostgreSQL Servers 7.3 or above.

A demo is available for download. Contact PremiumSoft for pricing options.

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