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Storyist for Mac OS X update adds over two dozen new features

Softhing, a developer of creative writing tools for Mac OS X, has
updated Storyist, a story development tool for novelists and
screenwriters, to version 2.0. With a new look and more than 25 new
features, the upgrade offers additional organizational tools,
enhanced interoperability with other writing applications, and a more
customizable writing environment.

Storyist 2 introduces a new “collage” mode in the storyboard, which
makes it easy to visualize the relationships between various elements
of a story. A streamlined interface supports full-screen mode, split
views, and multiple windows. The upgrade also includes support for
comments and bookmarks, a color-coding outliner, and an enhanced
project manager. In all, Storyist 2 offers over two dozen new
features, according to Steve Shepard, CEO of Storyist Software.

Storyist provides a word processor with the features writers expect
from a top-notch writing program, including spelling and grammar
checking and a page layout view with support for headers, footers,
and style sheets. It also provides a number of features not found in
typical word processing applications and screenplay formatters.

Storyist 2 is compatible with Mac OS X v10.4.11 and higher. The
download-only version is $59 and a download + boxed set (CD + printed
manual) version is $79. Both are available through the company’s
online store at

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