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Blackout Labs releases Due for the iPhone, iPod touch

Blackout Labs has released Duo for the iPhone and iPod touch. It’s
available for free at the Apple App Store
The app lets you update your Twitter and Facebook status on the Apple

According to the folks at Blackout Labs, full-service Twitter and
Facebook clients require long load times and several clicks to update
your status. Duo has the shortest possible load time and allows you
to update your Facebook and Twitter account in as little as a single
click each, they add.

Duo also gives you independent control when updating. You can update
both networks with the same status or send different messages to each
one. You can also use Duo in portrait orientation or rotate to
landscape mode in order to take advantage of the bigger keyboard.

No extra accounts are required. Just sign in with your Twitter and
Facebook, and you’re ready to send updates.

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