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JTApps releases iSandbagger for the iPhone

iSandbagger gives golfers a few simple tools to understand and
validate a handicap, view score expectations, and easily post scores
right from their iPhone.

“We found many golfers need a few simple tools before, during, and
after a round of golf,” said John Burns, developer of the App. “We
set out to provide 3 functions: 1) Show players how their handicap
index translates to today’s course. This is especially useful if
there are bets negotiated on the first tee; 2) Provide quick access
to some common rules; and 3) Allow posting directly from their
iPhone. This is very helpful to club members that aren’t playing at
their home course, and the many players who don’t have club
affiliations that want to quickly post their score.”

It’s interesting to note that an 81 can be a very good score for a
3-handicapper, even on a Par 71 course. For example, use the
iSandbagger App to look at Ben Roethlisberger. Roethlisberger, a
3-handicap, shoots 81 during the Golf Digest U.S. Open Challenge at
Bethpage Black. With the difficult conditions of this course, a 148
slope rating and 76.6 course rating, iSandbagger tells us his course
handicap is 4, his course handicap score is 81, his expected average
score is 84, and his 81 that day is only likely to happen 1 out of 5
times. This example is shown on the iTunes App store.

Posting from the iPhone brings the handicap system into the modern
age. Golfers no longer need to keep their scorecard until getting
back to the office or home club. iSandbagger works with numerous
handicap data service providers including GHIN, a USGA handicap
service providing handicap data to over 10,000 clubs and nearly 2
million golfers.

iSandbagger, true to its name, can highlight someone’s index that may
be incorrect. The info page discusses handicaps and expected scores,
and a score probability graph shows a golfer’s expected score for a
particular course along with the statistical odds of this occurring.
This is useful if you suspect a friend’s index may not be accurate.
The guy with a 19-handicap that shoots 88 at La Costa either just had
the round of his life or more likely doesn’t have his handicap
established correctly. iSandbagger tells us the odds of this are
382:1. Often players don’t correctly post their scores. This player
could have an artificially high handicap due to posting a few 10s on
holes when his Equitable Stroke Control should be 8. The handicap
system is a great system, but the more golfers that understand the
system and use it correctly, the more legitimate the handicap system
is perceived.

More information can be found at or the
Apple App Store.

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