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Optimized TeamViewer remote software grants 24/7 access

TeamViewer GmbH (, a leading provider of
solutions for online communication and collaboration, has optimized
their software which now features enhanced stability, speed and
password management, for improved access to unattended servers and
computers. The new connection option grants trusted collaborators
secure, 24/7 control, for free.

Staying connected while on the go is always a challenge. With an
increasing number of people using more than one computer, organizing
information on a single workstation can be complicated, as well.
Striving to access information from servers and computers is a
dilemma faced by everyone, from business professionals to home users.

Designed to facilitate information access, TeamViewer software offers
a secure, easy to use, permanent connection to servers and computers.
Running the TeamViewer Host Module on the unattended station creates
a connection which grants access to trusted users based anywhere in
the world.

Users can also gain access to the unattended, host server or computer
through their TeamViewer partner list. Each TeamViewer partner list
stores the ID, password and notes of the unattended server or
computer for remote access with the click of a mouse.

Thanks to the new dual handling system, two passwords can be defined
for each TeamViewer computer or server. The first, predefined,
permanent password is designed to be shared with trusted
collaborators, or used to gain 24/7 access to a server. The second,
dynamic computer generated password can be used to permit temporary
access to a computer or server, knowing the password will expire
after the session is complete.

TeamViewer users can operate in confidence, knowing that the software
complies with latest security standards. In addition to the
TeamViewer black and white list, all sessions are fully encrypted
with an AES 256 bit coding. Acknowledging their commitment to
security, TeamViewer has recently received a new seal of approval
from Fiducia, recognizing that TeamViewer is safe to user in the
highly regulated finance and banking sectors.

“With an increasing number of people using several workstations,
accessing unattended servers or computers is a real necessity,”
begins Dr. Tilo Rossmanith, Founder and Director of TeamViewer GmbH.
“Providing a solution for this issue assists everyone, from business
professionals to home users. And being able to do this in full
confidence, knowing your information is secure, brings added value to
our software,” finishes Rossmanith.

Unlimited host accounts are available with all TeamViewer licenses,
including the free version for non-commercial use.

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