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New version Of RealVNC’s remote desktop control software available

RealVNC has launched the latest version of its enterprise class VNC
solution for remote desktop control. VNC Enterprise Edition 4.5 is
the first remote access software to offer fully cross-platform remote
printing, enabling users to print documents from the remote machine
to the local default printer on the VNC Viewer. Other new features
include enhanced cross-platform chat, support for international
characters, as well as greater speed and even more robust performance.

Designed and built by the original inventors of VNC, VNC Enterprise
Edition 4.5 has a wide range of applications from desktop support and
assistance in a business environment to delivering complex Unix
applications to Windows or Mac users. Also, because it is designed
specifically for the enterprise it includes multiple configurable
security mechanisms and is backed up with full technical support and

The latest version of VNC Enterprise Edition includes additional
features that further improve the user experience across all
platforms. Cross-platform remote printing means that when a
connection is made, documents printed by the remote computer running
VNC Server will automatically default to the local printer attached
to the computer running VNC Viewer. This valuable new feature means
that important documents are always printed effortlessly at the right

VNC Enterprise Edition 4.5 also supports cross-platform chat creating
a quick and simple channel of communication between users, which can
be initiated from either end.

Now, with the ability to simply launch from an icon in the VNC Viewer
toolbar, users can chat with other connected users or with a VNC
Server user across all supported platforms. In addition, VNC Server
can now notify users of incoming connections for added security and
peace of mind.

VNC Enterprise Edition 4.5 also enhances the experience for all
language users with improved handling of non-English/U.S. keyboards
and support for international characters. Users can now copy and
paste all characters from all languages, and smoothly transfer files
with international characters in the file name.

“At RealVNC we strive to create features that are not only unique but
will demonstrably improve the user experience,” says Dr Andy Harter,
CEO at RealVNC. “VNC Enterprise Edition 4.5 provides a range of new
features that offer more flexible and efficient access and control
across all popular platforms. Our future roadmap will continue to
push the boundaries of VNC technology.”

VNC Enterprise Edition 4.5 includes tools for wide-scale distributed
deployment, configuration and management, and supports more operating
systems than any other remote access software, including Windows NT
4, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008 and Windows 7, along
with Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX and AIX.

The cost of VNC Enterprise Edition 4.5 starts at USD 50 for a single
VNC Server licence with discounted volume pricing starting at three
copies, quickly reducing the unit price. In addition, there are
generous academic, governmental and non-profit discounts available on

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