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Mark/Space releases The Missing Sync for Palm Pre for Mac

Mark/Space, creator of award-winning desktop and handheld
synchronization software, has released version 1.0 Beta of The
Missing Sync for Palm Pre ( It lets
you synchronize contacts, calendars, music, ringtones, photos and
more between a Mac and the new Palm Pre phone. A Windows Vista and
Windows XP version is on the way.

Mark/Space CEO Brian Hall says The Missing Sync for Palm Pre works
with the applications Mac owners already know and use: Address Book,
Entourage, iCal, iTunes, iPhoto and others. Mark/Space Proximity Sync
technology can sync a Mac with a Pre via Wi-Fi – sync happens
automatically and wirelessly whenever the Pre is near the Mac. It
works even when Pre is in a backpack or pants pocket.

You can choose the groups of contacts and calendars you want on your
Pre. Synchronized contacts and calendars work with Palm Synergy so
that contacts from Address Book and Microsoft Entourage can be viewed
on a Pre in a single list that links them with contacts from Google
and Facebook. Calendars from iCal can be viewed, layered together in
a single view with other calendars.

The Missing Sync works with iTunes and iPhoto making to transfer and
sync favorite photo albums and playlists of music and podcasts —
both audio and video. Plus, The Missing Sync converts and transfers
digital video and home movies optimized for the best viewing
experience on Pre, says Hall. You don’t have to manually drag music,
video or picture files to your phone.

You can customize Pre with ringtones created in GarageBand or other
ringtone editing software. The Missing Sync will transfer them from
iTunes to your Pre. You can view Microsoft Office documents and PDFs
on your phone. The Missing Sync c synchronizes folders of files —
like Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint documents — from the Mac
to the Pre.

Safari bookmarks become Pre bookmarks too. You can transfer bookmarks
from a Mac with ease. View them in the Mark/Space MyBookmarks app,
and transfer favorites to the Pre Web app.

Version 1.0 Beta of The Missing Sync for Palm Pre for Mac is
available as an electronic download from the Mark/Space web site.
Version 1.0 can be purchased for US$39.95 from the Mark/Space Online
Store. Owners of any Mark/Space product can crossgrade to the 1.0
release version of The Missing Sync for Palm Pre for $29.95 when it
becomes available.

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