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MacTech Releases Poll Results



June 11, 2009 — San Francisco, CA — Earlier this week, MacTech launched
the poll to assess how users in the market perceived
AT&T’s lack of support for new iPhone technologies. The poll is not
scientific, it had approximately 1000 respondents, and clearly points out
the perception in the core of the Apple market.

The poll results are as follows:

Question 1: AT&T: You should be embarrassed for your support. Shame on you.
1. I agree: 97.8%
2. I disagree: 2.2%

* Question 2: AT&T is not supporting tethering of the iPhone. This feature is:
1. Not important to me: 4.4%
2. Somewhat useful to me: 25.8%
3. Very important to me: 69.9%

* Question 3: AT&T’s network is not as robust as other networks. This
feature is:
1. Not important to me: 0.7%
2. Somewhat useful to me: 5.5%
3. Very important to me: 93.7%

* Question 4: AT&T is not supporting MMS for several months. This feature is:
1. Not important to me: 9.3%
2. Somewhat useful to me: 26.6%
3. Very important to me: 64.1%

* Question 5: The following describes me best:
1. I’m happy with AT&T: 3.8%
2. I’ll go with whatever carrier supports the iPhone: 50.6%
3. I’m looking for any way to leave AT&T as soon as possible: 45.6%

In an effort for AT&T to understand the ramifications of their decisions,
support levels, and more, MacTech Magazine has opened the survey for all to
participate in, and releases the initial results today.

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