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Infinity Data Systems releases MailForge 1.0 for Mac OS X

Infinity Data Systems has released MailForge 1.0, the Eudora style
email client formerly known as Odysseus. Built from the ground up for
Mac OS X and Windows, MailForge is designed to be a successor to the
Eudora email client, providing users with a familiar look and feel,
while at the same time adding features and abilities to further
enhance the user experience.

Harnessing the power of SQLite, MailForge offers significant
performance advantages, ranging from the ability to have a virtually
unlimited number of emails in a single mailbox, to search
capabilities that offer near instantaneous results, according to the
folks at Infinity Data Systems. Even routine tasks, such as moving
tens of thousands of emails from one mailbox to another, takes only
seconds, they add.

Eudora users should feel at home with the multi-window (one window
per mailbox) paradigm that MailForge utilizes; users of other email
clients may feel more at home with MailForge Unified Mode, a more
traditional three pane tabbed interface.

MailForge also takes its place as a standards compliant email
program. It follows the Internet Mail Consortium’s recommendation to
use UTF-8 for encoding of messages to properly displaying HTML
messages. It also generates standards compliant HTML emails.

From now through June 15, MailForge is available at the discounted
price of US$19.95. Starting June 16, MailForge will be $39.95 per
copy, with discounted rates starting at $19.95 for education,
government, and non-profit organizations, as well as volume customers.

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