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Heckler Design announces OneLessStand for Mac Pro

Heckler Design ( has rounded out their
OneLessOffice suite of products. Now joining OneLessDesk, the minimal
computer desk, is OneLessStand and OneLessFile. Both new products are
available for pre-order starting now at the Heckler Design web site.

OneLessDesk is designed to be more flexible. You can re-arrange and
re-direct your work environment throughout the day. All the
OneLessOffice pieces are designed to nest, fully loaded when not in
use, according to Dean Heckler of Heckler Design. Your entire home
office now tucks away into a 40 x 12 inch space when not in use.

“OneLessStand is a great solution for anyone needing a place for
their printer, one-in-one,” Heckler says. “It has a hidden shelf,
like OneLessDesk, for hiding a cable modem, wifi, networked hard
drive, and all that mess.Want to get you Mac Pro off the ground? Use
OneLessStand as a CPU stand. It’s built-in wire guides and
rear-facing shelf tidy up all the mess you were hiding on the ground
behind your desk.”

Heckler Design also offers OneLessFile, a hanging file that works
with both letter and legal files and tucks neatly under OneLessStand.

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