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MobileSyncBrowser update adds support for iPhone OS 3.0

Vaughn S. Cordero of VSC/Macsupport has released MobileSyncBrowser
3.0 (, a new version of the
iPhone backup browsing utility. The upgrade adds compatibility with
iPhone OS 3.0 and iTunes 8.2 and has been rewritten to provide both
new and improved previews, better performance and enhanced stability.

Language support has been expanded and now supports US English,
German, French and Spanish across all platforms. Available for
immediate download for Intel-based Macs, the 3.0 release for Windows
XP/Vista will purportedly follow shortly after final testing. The
current versions of MSB for PowerPC Macs and Windows (MSB II – 0.9)
are available for download on the site.

MobileSyncBrowser works with any system capable of running an
iPhone-capable version of iTunes. 3.0. Users can download and try out
MSB for free; previews and exports are limited until a registration
key is purchased. Classic and Plus keys can be purchased online for
US$10 and US$20.

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