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MakeMusic releases Finale 2010

MakeMusic ( is shipping Finale 2010, the
latest version of the Mac compatible (Mac OS X 10.4 or higher) music
notation software. In the upgrade, things grom percussion notation
and chord entry to rehearsal marks and measure numbering, dozens of
everyday tasks have been automated and simplified, says MakeMusic CEO
Ron Raup.

Finale’s percussion notation has been simplified. The creation and
sequencing of rehearsal marks has been automated. Chord entry is
greatly simplified — even when attaching chords to empty measures —
and more efficient, requiring far fewer keystrokes, Raup says.

In addition to ease-of-use and productivity enhancements, Finale 2010
now includes more than 350 sounds from the makers of Garritan
Personal Orchestra. Among the dozens of additions to 2010 are new
organ, guitar, bass, handbell, synthesizer and brush kit drum set
sounds. Finale 2010 also adds support for VST/AU effects as well as
instrument plug-ins.

Music educators will welcome the addition of more than 350
worksheets. Designed for K-12 students of general music, theory,
band, orchestra and choir, these printable worksheets help teach
basic elements of music and are edited and customized. Additional
features include the elegant new Broadway Copyist handwritten music
notation font, scanning improvements, expanded graphic import/export
support, additions to linked parts and more.

Finale 2010 has a retail price of US$600. A five-lab pack is $850.
Academic and theological versions are $350. Site licenses are also
available. Upgrades from previous versions range from $119.95 to
$169.95 depending on what current version you have.

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