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Mac Notepad 7.0 sports user interface improvements, new mail note

Apimac ( has released version 7.0 of Mac
Notepad, the Mac OS X application that helps users organize text. The
upgrade sports: user interface improvements, a new mail note feature,
a new categories source list; and support for multiple selection of

You can also now drag and drop to export and import notes. Mac
Notepad 7.0 offers new import and export formats. The supported
formats now are: Plain text; Styled Text (Simple Text); RTF; HTML;
Open Office .odt; Word .docx; Word XML .xml; Word (97-2004) .doc

Mac Notepad lets you save and organize any piece of text you need at
hand. You can paste it in, drag it from other applications, drop it
as a text file from the Finder or, of course, write it yourself. A
title and a category can be assigned to each note; notes can be
retrieved by category via a popup menu, or by content via typing the
text to be found in a search field.

Mac Notepad 7.0 is Universal Binary so runs natively on both PowerPC
and Intel Macs. It works with Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5.

Mac Notepad 7.0 costs US$24.95. A demo is available at the Apimac web site.

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