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Adobe unveils BrowserLab in free preview for web designers

Adobe has unveiled a free preview of Adobe BrowserLab, a new hosted
service that enables web designers to view and test their sites on a
wide variety of browsers and operating systems.

Previously code-named Meer Meer, Adobe BrowserLab provides web
professionals with real-time accurate screenshots of browser
renderings and includes multiple viewing and diagnostic tools to help
designers pinpoint compatibility issues that can compromise the
design and layout integrity of a web site or page, according to Lea
Hickman, director, Creative Solutions Business Unit at Adobe.

Key Features of Adobe BrowserLab include support for all modern
browsers and operating systems so that web designers can see how
their web pages will appear across multiple browsers and on a variety
of platforms. The initial set of browsers that are supported include:
Safari 3.x; Windows Internet Explorer 6.x and 7.x; Firefox 2.x and
3.x. This capability is enabled by virtualization technology, hosted
through a cloud-based application, which eliminates the need to have
browsers installed on a system before testing a site. ‘

Adobe BrowserLab lets designers compare and contrast browsers via an
interface that works on any Adobe Flash Player 10- enabled operating
system, making it compatible with Mac and Windows.

In addition, Adobe BrowserLab includes multiple viewing and
diagnostic tools to help Web designers spot potential issues. For
example, designers can view two screenshots from different browsers
side-by-side, or they can use the “onion skin mode” to overlay
screenshots on top of one another with variable opacity. There’s also
a zoom function to help zero-in on bugs. Testing preferences can be
customized and saved with Browser Sets, for designers who work with
specific platforms.

While Adobe BrowserLab can be used by any Web designer, it provides
Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 users extended capabilities to also test Flash
technology-based and interactive site elements, including dynamic
widgets, rollover effects and AJAX driven content. The direct
integration with Dreamweaver CS4 streamlines workflows and allows
designers to preview both local and remote web content without the
worry of firewalls or publicly posting confidential client projects,
Hickman says.

Adobe BrowserLab is available now in English only as a free preview
on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is a tiered release.
International versions and the list of supported browsers and
operating systems that can be previewed with BrowserLab is expected
to grow over time based on customer feedback and demand. More details
can be found at

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