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FUNDimensions updated to 7.4

FUNDimensions has just released version 7.4 of their flagship
fundraising product. FUNDimensions 7.4 includes several enhancements
to the Event Management module. The enhancements is designed to make
it easier to set up a new event, assign donors to groups, teams,
tables or other seating, and track fundraising results in real-time.

This is in addition to printing of tickets, name tags and placecards,
thank you note facilities, and event reporting. The folks
at FUNDimensions are offering an US$1,000 price drop on all new
purchases of the software through Sept.1. This is the first
time FUNDimensions has been put on sale: the price drop puts the
starting price for FUNDimensions at just $1,500.

The software is available for immediate download at the web site
( This version is a free upgrade to
licensees of version 7.0 or higher. A free working demo is also
available for download.

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