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Macte! releases Safari Toolbar for Mac OS X

Macte! Labs, a developer of extensions for Mac OS X, has released the
Macte! Safari Toolbar. This extension increases functionality of the
Safari web browser and features multi-engine search functionality
(such as Google and Yahoo) and access to many web services.

Other features will include email check, currency rates, stock
prices, and web page translation. Macte! Labs also plan to provide an
order service for custom branded toolbars for Safari.

“With growing popularity, Safari is currently the world’s third most
popular browser,” says Anton Vorobiev of Macte!. “However, although
highly regarded for its stability, speed and simplicity, Safari lacks
add-ons when compared with other popular browsers. For instance,
Firefox users can take advantage of hundreds of available extensions.
But for Safari there is no official extensions architecture, and it
is generally believed that any Safari extension is a hack of Mac OS
and the Safari browser. In order to overcome this problem, Macte!
Labs has created what is believed to be the first extensions
application that is as powerful as those used with IE or Firefox.”

Macte! Safari Toolbar is based on Safari Plug-in Kit, a platform
designed by Macte! Labs, using officially documented Mac OS and
Safari protocols instead of hacks. Safari Toolbar currently features
Google search (web search, image search, news search, blog search,
etc,), Yahoo! Search, and Live search. It also provides access to the
following web services: Google News, Google Notepad, Google Mail,
Google Calendar, Google Docs and Google Language Tools.

In addition to the regular Safari Toolbar, Macte! Labs has launched a
service to create branded toolbars for companies and other

Macte! Safari Toolbar is compatible with any Intel or PowerPC based
Mac running Mac OS X 10.4 or higher and Safari 2 or later. The
regular Safari Toolbar is free to users and available at Further information on
the product is available at

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