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Cleopatra: a Queen’s Destiny available for Mac OS X

Coladia has released Cleopatra: a Queen’s Destiny
( for Mac OS X. It’s an
US$29.95 point-and-click adventure game taking place in Alexandria,
Egypt, 48 BC.

Here’s how the game is described: “The country is divided by civil
war pitting Cleopatra’s supporters against those of her brother and
husband, Ptolemy, who is ravaging the country. In this climate of
terror, Thomas, a young apprentice to Akkod, Cleopatra’s astrologist
and astronomist, falls in love with his master’s daughter. One day,
in horror, he discovers that both master and daughter have been

“Thomas sets out on their trail and learns in the course of his
investigations that Cleopatra herself had asked Akkod to make a
specific divination, and that the partisan of Ptolemy are behind the
kidnapping. Cleopatra promises Thomas that in exchange for the
tablets required for the divination, her guards will find the master
and his daughter.

“Thomas’s investigations lead him to the discovery of Egypt’s
legendary sites such as the Library of Alexandria and the Lighthouse.
Thomas also meets the Queens and a whole host of their mysterious
characters. Will he manage to save his master and his loved one, so
that together they can decypher the stars? Without the prophecy, the
country will be lost; the destiny of Egypt and its Queen are in his

Cleopatra: a Queen’s Destiny is an Universal Binary application so
runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel based Macs. The game is
localized in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. A demo is
available for download.

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