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REAL Software ships REAL Server Release 1

REAL Software ( —
creator of REALbasic, a cross-platform
development tool for creating software for Mac,
Windows and Linux — is shipping REAL Server 2009
Release 1, the new version of the cross-platform,
multi-user database server for developers who
need a database server to bring a single-user
application to a multi-user one. REAL Server 2009

° A new, scalable architecture that supports over
10,000 concurrent connections from a single
server installation;

° The ability to adapt to use all available cores
or share them with other applications; it can
utilize server hardware RAM to dramatically
increase the speed of queries;

° Optimized responsiveness: REAL Server 2009
uses technology provided by each supported
platform to maximize performance;

° The ability to restore points that log every
operation, allowing users to restore their
database right up to a specific operation;

° A plug-in architecture that can extend the SQL
language, which offers the ability to change
how results are sorted and to create custom
server commands;

° Support for SQLite extensions:, which offer
users all of the new functionality others have
added to SQLite, the database engine of REAL

° Full-text searching;

° More than 60 new commands.

The REAL Server Developer Edition is free of
charge and enables developers to create an
application based on REAL Server without paying
any fees until they’re ready to deploy their
application. REAL Server is available in two
editions: a five-user/connections license for
US$299 and an unlimited connection license for

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