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PhotoMotion, Producer and Fusion Factory now shipping

GeeThree ( is now shipping its PhotoMotion,
Producer and Fusion Factory products. PhotoMotion lets you preview
and import high-resolution images from existing libraries.

You can preview images from Aperture, Lightroom, and iPhoto libraries
and Pictures folders. Other folders can also be added. With
PhotoMotion, you can pan and zoom. The software serves as a
professional generator for HD and SD projects. It offers precision
controls without keyframes and a fast preview within the plug-in.

Ease & Out controls add acceleration. You can pause animations at the
start or end. PhotoMotion has guidelines to “snap” to the center or
edges and presets for the “Ken Burns” effect. The plug-in appears as
a standard Final Cut generator. There’s no needs to adjust keyframes
when adding transitions or changing the duration of the animation.
PhotoMotion creates a standard clip in a Final Cut sequence and can
be used with other Final Cut transitions, filters and titles.

PhotoMotion Producer is the companion plug-in that uses Final Cut
Pro’s XML feature to create slide shows. You can select images from
the built-in media browser, reorder the slides or customize the
duration if desired, and click to magically generate a new sequence
of moving images. This sequence is fully editable to customize the
slide show with transitions, titles, filters and audio. PhotoMotion
and PhotoMotion Producer
( are available
immediately at an introductory price of US$79.

Fusion Factory HD (
combines 750 soft and organic dissolves into a single plug-in. Each
dissolve can be customized by controlling the degree of softness,
direction and speed. It’s also an introductory price of $79.
Additionally, GeeThree has bundles of their Final Cut plug-ins
available at discounts.

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