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Vuzix expands 3D format for video eyewear

Vuzix Corp. ( — which makes video eyewear for
the consumer, defense and low vision markets — has announced
expanded 3D video format support for its AV Video Eyewear
products. In addition to continued support for standard 2-D video,
the 3D video format upgrade is being expanded to include field
sequential, side by side and three formats of anaglyph.

A new Auto 3D sensing feature enables Vuzix video eyewear to
immediately determine a 3D video format and configure the eyewear for
3D display of your chosen content, according to CEO Paul Travers.

The 3D format support upgrade and the Auto 3D feature are being added
to all new Vuzix iWear AV models. Additionally, a downloadable free
firmware update will enable existing video eyewear customers with
compatible models to upgrade their eyewear with these new features.

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