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NAB: EditShare, Automatic Duck team up for Avid/Final Cut Pro

At this week’s National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show in Las
Vegas, Nevada, EditShare (, which
specializes in cross platform collaborative editing and shared media
storage systems, and Automatic Duck (,
which makes timeline transition products, said they’re teaming up to
solve workflow productivity issues for postproduction facilities and
editing workgroups collaborating on shared media files across
disparate editing platforms.

As a result of this technology partnership, EditShare is integrating
key timeline translation technology from Automatic Duck’s Pro Import
FCP and Pro Export FCP solutions into EditShare’s Flow Universal
Media File technology. EditShare’s Universal Media File technology
allows a single media file to be used simultaneously by Apple and
Avid editors. The resulting integration enables mixed Avid and Final
Cut editing environments to instantly access and edit media files,
with entire timelines in tact, from a single pool of media files.

Andy Liebman, president and founder of EditShare, says this
development eliminates the time-intensive, productivity draining
process of exporting, re-linking, re-connecting, transcoding and
re-importing media — a workflow typical in multi-platform,
collaborative environments. This is a tremendous time saver;
enhancing overall collaboration. The newly integrated solution is
being demonstrated at NAB 2009 at the EditShare stand (SL6420).

The Storage and XStream Series are part of the EditShare Complete
Collaboration line of products that provide shared media and
collaborative workflows — from ingest through production to archive.
In addition to the Storage Series and XStream Series, the Complete
Collaboration line includes EditShare FLOW and EditShare Ark.

Designed for editing and compositing products from Adobe, Apple,
Assimilate, Autodesk, Avid, Digidesign, Digital Vision, and Sony,
EditShare storage servers, including the XStream series, allow all
connected workstations to capture, access and share in real time a
common pool of media files. Regardless of application or platform,
source material, work in progress and finished packages are shared
and instantly available to all users on the EditShare network.
EditShare provides full project sharing among both Apple and Avid
editing workgroups. EditShare servers connect via Gigabit or 10
Gigabit ethernet.

FLOW Ingest captures up to four channels of media and associated
metadata, storing each channel in up to three formats simultaneously
and outputting a proxy for fast retrieval. No background transcoding
is required and files are available immediately for editing.
EditShare’s Universal Media File technology allows ingested media to
be shared and used by editors working on both Avid and Apple editing

With FLOW Browse, users can locate media among hundreds of thousands
of clips on the EditShare media spaces. From FLOW Browse, users can
update metadata, log clips, and drag and drop media to Avid and FCP
bins. FLOW Ingest and Browse are fully integrated with EditShare’s
Storage Series as well as the XStream Series. EditShare Ark provides
a range of disk-based solutions for back-up, mirroring and archiving

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