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Accounted 2.0 for Mac OS X adds over 50 new features

Oranged Software (”) has released Accounted
2.0, an update to their accounting package for Mac OS X (10.3 or
higher). The upgrade purportedly has over 50 new features.

Two new report types have been added to the reports window. These
reports are common accounting reports that have been requested by
users. Profit & Loss reports allow you to view net income over a
specific period of time. The new Cash Flow report shows cash
activities and changes over a set period.

This upgrade also adds multiple currency features. Just like in
Studiometry, you can have Accounted automatically grab exchange rates
from the internet and save exchange rates on a per-item basis.
Another feature is the ability to import your currencies and exchange
rates from Studiometry, giving the sync capabilities between the two
programs more power.

New Tax Accounts allow you to manage and track incoming and outgoing
taxes via any standard account type in Accounted. You can create
split transactions and include your tax accounts when entering data.
These accounts will be shown with different icons and have several
other characteristics to help with organization.

Accounted 2.0 also makes it easier to get your data from PayPal into
Accounted. You can now go to your PayPal History page in your web
browser, select the rows of transactions you’d like to import, and
copy and paste the data into Accounted.

Accounted 2.0 costs US$79.95; upgrades from version 1.x are $24.95.

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