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LightWork Design releases LightWorks 8.0

LightWork Design has released LightWorks 8.0
(, a update of
the software for integrated rendering in advanced 3D graphics
applications. The upgrade boasts progressive rendering, a “‘view
through walls” feature, tone mapping, complex reflectance shaders

The aim in introducing the progressive rendering feature is to
provide a more positive workflow experience within the rendering
application, according to the folks at LightWork Design. Previously,
using OpenGL to preview final renders had limitations in terms of
lighting and materials, in that it limited the number of lights
possible as well as the representation of the materials.

This meant that setting up a scene to get the final image became a
very iterative process. LightWorks progressive rendering provides a
solution to this by giving immediate feedback of the final image with
a fast preview of the lighting and materials within the scene.

Users often need to have a complete view of an interior, but to get
the optimum view it may be necessary to remove an entire wall from a
scene. However, doing this allows light to flood in which ruins the
accuracy and realism of the scene as the lighting and reflectance
changes. Understanding these difficulties, LightWorks 8 has
introduced new functionality which provides the ability to view the
room through the wall, thereby maintaining the required accuracy.
This is done by allowing the user to tag the relevant geometry in
the scene and, in effect, look through the wall, with no degradation
to the lighting and reflections inside. This “‘view through walls”
feature also allows dynamic tagging, which means that the room can be

Tone mapping has been optimized in LightWorks 8.0 and developed to
include a new white balance shader that purportedly gives a true
representation of colors so that they remain more faithful to the
original scene.

LightWorks has added additional complex reflectance shaders to this
latest release, which are aimed at providing users with the ability
to create a wider range of more realistic effects. These new shaders
are all supported by programmable shading in real-time and include:
Glossy Glass, Glossy Mirror, Blurred Conductor and Blurred Dielectric.

LightWorks 8.0 is Mac OS X compatible software. You’ll have to
contact LightWork Design for update and pricing options.

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