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Quickoffice showcases office suite for the iPhone

Quickoffice, Inc. (, a provider of mobile
office productivity software, will unveil what it says is the first
complete Office suite to provide native Microsoft Word and Excel
editing for the iPhone, Quickoffice for iPhone, at CTIA, April 1-3,
2009, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Quickoffice is the first iPhone application to include robust
document and spreadsheet editors, along with file access and content
management functionalities, according to Gregg Fiddes, vice president
of sales and strategic partnerships at Quickoffice. It offers a range
of functionality including font formatting, content selection,
bullets and cut, copy and paste within Word documents, he adds.

Users can also modify documents in landscape mode to leverage a wider
keyboard. With mathematical and statistical functions, including
advanced Excel formulas for spreadsheet processing, consumers can
revise inputs and recalculate, insert and resize rows and columns
within the application.

Quickoffice for iPhone also includes file-sharing capabilities.
Consumers can transfer files to and from a desktop using Wi-Fi and
remotely access their MobileMe iDisk account. In addition to Word and
Excel editing, users can also view iWorks, PDF and other common media
files. Quickoffice supports auto-save and auto-restore to retain the
application state between uses.

Quickoffice for iPhone will be available in early April for an
introductory price of US$19.99. Quickoffice will also be launching
separate applications to cater to an individual’s specific needs with
Quicksheet Excel spreadsheet editor for $12.99, formerly named
MobileFiles Pro, and Quickword Word document editor for $12.99.
Quickoffice Files, formerly named MobileFiles 2.0, will be available
for $3.99 and allows users to access Mac or PC-based files via Wi-Fi
and MobileMe iDisk accounts.

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