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MEI releases CLS 3.8 and ClassForce 3.8

Managing Editor Inc. (MEI), an Adobe premier development partner and
a leading provider of software solutions for the publishing industry,
today announced the release of Page Director Classified Layout System
3.8 and ClassForce 3.8. The two releases represent the latest
versions of MEI’s popular programs for automated and semi-automated
classified layout.

CLS is MEI’s customizable rules-based classified layout solution. The
program reads advertising text and image files, builds a runsheet of
the classified items, examines the liners and display ads against
user-defined rules, and then flows them to pages. Based on the same
technology, ClassForce is MEI’s cost-effective, semi-automated
classified layout system for small to mid-size publications.

While the two products are tailored to different levels of electronic
classified pagination, each includes the same new features in version
3.8. Both CLS and ClassForce are now Intel-native applications;
contextual menus have been added to enable users to quickly and
easily make changes to individual pages, runsheet items or the entire
issue; a new Measurements dialog allows users to edit the
points-per-unit value and accepted abbreviations of the measurement
systems within the software; and CLS and ClassForce now support
multiple column models in a single document.

CLS and ClassForce 3.8 come packaged with CLS XT for QuarkXPress 7.x
and a new version of MEI’s Ad Import plug-in that is compatible with
Adobe InDesign CS2, CS3 and CS4. These tools allow users to import
dummies and final classified ad content into QuarkXPress or InDesign
editorial pages. QuarkXPress 8 compatibility will be available in the
coming weeks. “Publishers will always need tools that improve
efficiency and drive down production costs,” said Steven Haught, vice
president of sales at MEI. “With CLS and ClassForce, classified page
layout doesn’t have to be an unprofitable, time-consuming process.”

CLS 3.8 and ClassForce 3.8 are available now. Upgrades are free for
customers in MEI’s Premium Site Support Agreement program. Other
customers should call their MEI salesperson for upgrade pricing. For
more details, contact MEI at 215-886-5662 or an authorized MEI
distributor. More information can be found on Managing Editor Inc.’s
Web site at

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