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DAZ 3D releases Girl 4 3D figure

DAZ 3D has unveiled a new version of its 3D figure, the Girl
4(, complete
with customizable body shaping, increased texture map resolution and
improved joint rigging. Created from DAZ 3D’s fourth-generation
Unimesh, the Girl 4 is fully compatible with all Victoria 4, Victoria
4 Elite and Aiko 4 head and body shapes, textures and poses.

Originally created by 3D graphics and games artist Kim Goossens, the
Girl is used by hobbyist and professional artists as a muse for
magazine and album covers, fan art and the like. In addition to her
vast compatibility with all DAZ 3D models and hundreds of add-on
products available in the DAZ 3D online store, the Girl 4 is fully
ready to animate within DAZ Studio, Carrara and Poser.

The Girl 4 base product is available for immediate download at the
DAZ 3D online store for US$29.95. DAZ Platinum Club members may
purchase the Girl 4 for $1.99. Corresponding product bundles range in
price from $49.95 to $99.95 before sales and discounts.

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