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WWDC 2009, June 8-12

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2009.
June 8-12 in San Francisco, Moscone West

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is the premier technical
event for developers and IT professionals innovating with Apple platforms.
Over 1,000 Apple engineers will be at Moscone West to present the latest
Apple technologies and provide you with code-level guidance. You’ll learn
how to harness the power of iPhone OS, Mac OS X Snow Leopard, and Mac OS X
Server Snow Leopard in the most efficient and sophisticated way possible –
saving you time and accelerating your development. Bring your MacBook and
your imagination, and prepare to make your ideas happen.

Technical Sessions

At the heart of the WWDC experience are the technical sessions presented by
Apple engineers. Choose from a wide range of topics on developing,
deploying, and integrating iPhone OS and Mac OS X technologies. Sessions
cover introductory and advanced concepts so you can gain a solid foundation
if you are new to iPhone and Mac development, or dive deep if you are
already familiar with Apple technologies.

Hands-on Labs

Work side-by-side with the Apple engineers at the hands-on labs. Take
advantage of this unique opportunity to solve code-level issues that will
fast track your development. Apple’s Human Interface designers are
available for one-to-one consultations on the visual design and usability
of your iPhone or Mac OS X application. The labs are also a great place to
talk through your concepts and get answers to the topics important to you.

Connect With Your Peers

WWDC brings together the best and the brightest developers and IT
professionals in the Apple community. Take advantage of this unique setting
to meet your peers using iPhone OS and Mac OS X. Strike up a conversation
and get inspired by how they are developing with, deploying, and
integrating Apple technologies. You’re sure to hear about new ideas and
methods that you can incorporate into your own environment.

Special Events

Special evening events at WWDC offer you time to unwind, relax, and mingle
with other attendees. You also find special lunchtime sessions throughout
the week where guest speakers present real-world examples of how they use
Apple technologies in their industries.

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