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Kena Kai introduces environmentally friendly laptop sleeves

Kena Kai ( is introducing a line of laptop
sleeves that protect computers while also protecting the planet. The
FELTtech sleeves are made with a fiber that is created from 100
percent recycled PET bottles and containers.

Polyethylene perepthalate (PET) is a common plastic used in beverage
bottles. Like most plastics, the bottles are non-biodegradable and
will just sit in landfills if we don’t recycle them.

“We recognized that as the market for portable computers continues to
grow, so would the market for accessories such as sleeves, but we
knew that our offering had to be made from an eco-friendly
alternative fabric to the most common material used for computer
sleeves, which is neoprene,” says Geb Masterson, president of Kena
Kai. “We really didn’t think the world needed another petroleum-based
neoprene sleeve. We wanted to go the greener route, to give people a
better choice,” added Masterson.

The TSA-friendly FELTtech sleeves feature a wide zippered opening and
act as a second skin to protect the computer. The lightweight sleeves
feature 4mm of cushioned protection and will be available in four
color combinations: purple/grey, orange/chocolate, grey/turquoise and
turquoise/grey. They will retail between US$30 and $40.

The Collection will be available in three sizes initially: for
netbooks, 13.3-inch laptops (such as the MacBook) and 15.4-inch
notebook computers (such as the MacBook Pro). The FELTtech sleeves
will be available on Earth Day, April 22.

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