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Flash’in’App for Mac apps updated to version 2.0

Eltima Software has has released Flash’in’App 2.0
(, an update of the Cocoa
framework for Mac OS X (10.4 and higher) that lets load and fully
manage Flash movies within an application. This framework contains a
set of classes, which provide application with the ability to load,
play and manage any SWF files right within this application.

The apps can communicate with SWF file via an external application
programming interface, FSCommands and variables. Flash’in’App lets an
app into which it’s integrated handle sounds, video and
images. Additionally, Flash’in’App allows creating custom-shaped
windows and running a Windows Flash-enabled application’s graphical
user interface on a Mac.

End users will need at Mac OS X 10.4 or higher and Flash Player 8 or
newer to run applications that are developed with Flash’in’App. A
demo is available for download. Registration is US$399.95 for a
single user license.

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