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Elpical adds support for PhotoShop in Claro 6

generation of automated image enhancement and image management
solutions adds extended support of PSD files.
Elpical products, which integrate with automation tools like Enfocus
Switch, are available in North America through Tools4Media and its
distribution. The company says that unique to the new Claro version 6
technology is the option of optimizing different layers within PSD
files without losing the original layers.

By processing the compatibility layer on top of the existing layers,
Claro 6 allows enhancing the image without =touching the original.
Enhancements can be performed on the different elements of the image,
combining the best parts to create the best possible image.

Enhancing only the compatibility layer largely reduces the time spent
on an individual image and limits the number of different versions of
the same image in circulation, according to Elpical. Additionally, it
converts any image format to a PSD file.

This functionality is included in both Claro Single, Elpical’s image
optimization module that integrates into automation tools like
Enfocus Switch and Claro Premedia, Elpical’s complete image workflow
solution. Claro Inspector, Claro Premedia’s client application that
routes the original and processed image to the operator’s desktop for
side-by-side comparison, has gotten new features.

More information on the images and automatic vertical tiling of
original and processed images in the window purportedly allow a
better overview and selection and thus better management. The new
Cancel button sends the image back to the workflow without any
changes. Also, Claro Inspector now comes with full support for
Photoshop CS4.

Go to the Elpical web site for product pricing.

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