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Skyworks releases more iPhone games

Skyworks ( has released two new sports games
for the iPhone and iPod touch: Batter Up Baseball and Field Goal
Frenzy. They’re available for US$2.99 eac at the Apple App Store.

Here’s how the games are described: “With Batter Up Baseball you can
hone your batting skills in two game modes and hit as many home runs
as you can in a real- rendered, retro-style ballpark, reminiscent of
the days when baseball was simply ‘America’s Favorite Pastime’.”

“In Home Run mode, strikes, foul balls and infield hits will cost you
a swing, but every homerun you hit will earn you an extra swing. In
Arcade mode, you aim for billboard targets to earn even more extra

To bat, keep your eye on the mound, time your swing with the incoming
pitch, then flick you finger towards the pitch to swing. The speed
and direction of your swing will control the speed and direction of
the ball. Once the ball is in flight, you can ‘influence’ the
direction and speed using the iPhone/iPod touch accelerometer feature
by tilting up/down or left/right.”

“In Field Goal Frenzy, the objective of the game is to make as many
field goal attempts as you can from multiple positions on the field
30 to 60 yards from the goal posts. In Practice Mode, position the
ball at five-yard intervals starting at the 30 yard line to fine-tune
your kicking skills. In classic Mode, the pressure is on to make
every kick count. If you miss more than five, it is back to the
sideline. To play, flick the ball with your finger towards the goal
posts, and then tilt left or right to influence the ball’s flight
through the uprights. Field Goal Frenzy features a global high
scoreboard enabling you to compete against kickers from around the

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